Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Projects in Progress

I'm in a spring cleaning-redecorating-get organized kind of mood, and there are all kinds of projects popping up at the Janssen house.  I don't remember being this crazy since "nesting", but that's no kind of hint, things are just in need of a little sprucing.  Here are the projects in progress.

1. Fence.  Hallelujah the fence is up!  Oscar has been jumping for joy given his new found Freedom, and Jett loves running around the yard and playing in the sandbox.  I love the little extra privacy, and not having to chace Jett off the neighbors' decks.

2. Toy room.  This space in our house has been a variety of things since we moved in.  Storage, makeshift guest room, office/guest room/baby storage, and most recently the toy room.  Kevin painted the room a nice neutral off-white while I was pregnant and beyond that we have done nothing.  The old yucky window blinds are even still hanging. It's very much in-progress, but a couple of great inspiration pieces like my mom's old bench and this great zig zag curtain from Urban Outfitters and it's starting to take shape.  I'm now on the lookout for practical toy storage.

3. Basement.  This is going to take a little more creativity and cleaning than the others.  Our basement is a great open space that is currently being used for nightly basketball games, but not much else.  I would love it if it was a more funcitonal family space.  After three years the basement is do for some serious nitty gritty cleaning.  It's time to rinse the carpets again, relocate the spiders from their current home in the window sills and get organized.