Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Your Husband Buys a Semi

When your husband buys a semi truck, this is what you should do.
1. Start mixing up a pan of brownies as bribery for the neighbors and to soften the blow of their new view for the next 48 hours.
2. Say a prayer for grace and good naturedness.
3. Pull out the Borsheims and Coach catalogues you have stashed away, and put them on the kitchen table.
4. Give your husband a hug and if you've nothing nice to say, say only,"Wow, you bought a semi."
5. Start a Google search for "semi truck and car seat safety."

My husband bought a semi.  A real, really big semi truck.  I didn't believe him.  He told me while I was at Walmart.  His strategy was wise, to tell me when I was in public, with only 20 minutes to get groceries, get through the check out and be on my way for a meeting in another town.  I had a very short window to flip out.  I used that window very effectively.

As I drove home I still didn't really believe that he bought a semi.  But here it sits.  I'm getting out the Borsheim's catalogue now...

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