Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Elephant is Sorry. The First of Many Stories

We were so blessed to get to go to the zoo again today!  For those of you who have been following the blog, you might be thinking, wow-these people go to the zoo a lot!  But we're fortunate that this year has been unusual, and that we've gotten to enjoy the beautiful zoo more than normal...maybe this is our new normal, I could live with that. :)

It's great because every time we visit Jett warms up a little more.  The zoo can be an overwhelming place for a little guy, with lots of people, new noises, and let's face it, it's really, really big!  So the first couple of times, while he's been very observant and seemed to enjoy it, he's been pretty clingy.  He was at first today too, and then he started to warm up.  First after the Butterfly Pavilion, and then after our very first carousel ride.  One of my favorite moments of the day, possibly the week, and even the month was what followed after.  He was walking down the hill with my dad to "go see the elephants" and all of a sudden we start hearing quite the story.

"He says that the elephant bites, but he's sorry," said my dad.  What?  Jett, does the elephant bite?

"Elephant BITES.  He's sorry!"

Jett, where did the elephant bite? (Points to his hand.)

"HURTS!  He's sorry!  Elephant bites."

"It's okay Jett, the elephant doesn't have any teeth," said Grandma Holly.

"He DOES! It's okay, he's sorry.  Elephant bites.  He's sorry!"
(Nice try Grandma, but we know about elephants.)

Jett, where is the elephant? (Points over Grandma's shoulder up the hill.)

"He BITES. It's okay, he's sorry!"

Should we go see the Elephant and tell him bye, bye?


(To Mr. Zookeeper wannabee with the broom.) Where are the elephants?

"We don't have elephants any more.  The rhinoceros are where they were," said Mr. Zookeeper.

"Elephant BITES!  Bye, bye elephant!"

Well I guess the elephants got what they deserved, even if they were sorry...

The first of many stories to come...I can't wait!

*You've just received the abbreviated version. The real thing was repeated over and over again, and lasted a good 40 minutes.

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  1. We got to hear the story again last night, while Jett talked on the phone to Grandma Clara. Kevin asked him where the elephant bites, and he said, "In his mouth." Smarty pants! :)