Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessings of Produce and Cousins!

In my opinion this past weekend, was nearly perfect.

Saturday mornings have become one of my favorite times of the week.  Jett and I usually sleep in and roll out of bed at the bright and shiny time of 7:30 a.m.   Just in time to catch some of the best Food Network shows like The Pioneer Woman, and Aarti Party (although they have recently moved the times of her show or heaven forbid - canceled it!)  I usually fix pancakes or amish oatmeal for breakfast, and then the rest of the morning is filled with quality play time, walks, basketball, sandbox, and sometimes running errands. 

On this particular Saturday, Jett crashed for a nap at about noon, and mama caught some snoozes too.  Around 3:00 p.m. we were invited on a Costco outing with my parents, who had not been to Costco in months.  It was an amazing trip filled with samples, bulk produce, and "The World's Greatest Granola" it said so on the box, and it is!

Sunday morning we went to 8:00 a.m. church which we have found works so much better than late service for Jett's napping schedule.  He's much more chill and willing to play quietly early in the morning.  We were blessed to have lunch with my mom's side of the family in celebration of my cousin Ian's 10th birthday.  I truly can't believe that he is 10!  It seems like only yesterday that my biggest concern about his arrival was that it would occur on the day of junior prom.  He missed prom and we've loved our sweet, funny redheaded boy since day one.  I love all of my cousins dearly, but Ian's arrival was extra special as he was my first cousin on my mom's side with a gap of 10 years between him and my sister as the next oldest grandchild.  My aunts and uncles made up for that time very quickly after Ian and we have since added eight cousins in total to the clan.

Jett loved running after his cousins, and my Aunt Heather's girls were so good to him.  Ivy especially played basketball all afternoon with him.  I could tell Ivy was wearing down as she plopped on the floor at one point, but Jett ran over and tugged on her with an "eh, eh" and a "Let's Go" look, and off they went again.

Kevin said he has perfect form in this shot!

If only rain would have come sooner, and UNL didn't have finals this week, the weekend would have been very close to perfect.  We missed Kevin and Lillie, but were blessed to have time together as a family (and grateful for that awesome Costco run!)

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