Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please Wear Pants...

In a mama blog such as this you may be thinking that this post has everything to do with the fact that my little one prefers to be nude as much as possible...and while that's completely true, that's not what this is about today. 

Today my question for the world is this: What on God's green earth does "your favorite business casual attire" mean for an event?  I'm all for nonprofits and organizers getting creative when it comes to addressing the "dress", but come on!  I like to think I'm a pretty decent dresser most days, but it doesn't just fall out of the closet for me.  I generally have to put a little bit of effort into what is on my person, and I literally have nightmares about showing up somewhere in cocktail attire when everyone else is in a golf polo, or not having hat adorned when clearly everyone else got the memo (sadly, this did happen.)  The worst part is I love a good hat!  And I feel way more confident in forced cocktail chat when I look like I belong.  Not to mention the inevitable question from my husband, "What I'm I wearing for this thing?"

Help me break it down.  Favorite Business Attire.  This implies cute business suit or business appropriate LBD (think sleeves).  Favorite Casual Attire.  Frankly for me this is JCrew skinny jeans and ballet flats.  Business Casual.  This has changed dramatically over the years.  For most industries think Target: khaki Dockers and a solid colored polo.  But if you are in a creative profession, or somewhere other than a bank this can also include dressy shorts, knit dresses, a high end graphic tee or jeans with a jacket.  Let's not even talk about a profession in "the arts"... Throw on something in rainbow or macrame and you are in.

One party site I found listed the following:
White tie/ultra-formal — Men: tailcoat and white vest, shirt and bow tie. Women: long gown.

Black tie/formal — Men: tuxedos. Women: dress (knee-length, long).

Semi-formal/informal — Men: dark suit, tie. Women: knee-length dress.

Cocktail — Men: dark suit. Women: knee-length dress or skirt.

Dressy casual — Men: jacket or collared shirt, pants. Women: skirt or dressy pants.

Business casual — Men: collared shirt, khakis. Women: dressy pants or skirt.

Casual — anything goes.

Thanks world wide web, that wasn't helpful... 

This time it's easy for my husband.  Dockers and a polo. Check. 

But here's a glimpse into my mind...

I don't own khaki's anymore...jeans are too risky if everyone else is in pants/skirts...I should have shopped at JCrew when my sister was working last week, darn it! pink dress is out, could be way too dressy...striped dress, no sweater?...flubby arms...striped dress and sweater...too dressy again!...heals or flats, heals or flats...skirt and chambray shirt, who am I trying to kid, I'm not cool enough to pull that off...


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