Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Summer Home

I love vacations.  I mean really LOVE vacations, to the point of obsessing about what I’m going to pack months in advance.  I love to plan and daydream about what we will see, do, and eat.  I think this all stems from wonderful family vacations growing up and my parents making the experience really delightful, whether we were visiting Fort Robinson or Walt Disney World. 
I always had this secret dream that someday mom and dad would spring for a “summer home” or a timeshare somewhere fabulous.  Something that would guarantee we’d continue these trips for a long time.  I dreamed this would be a condo in Estes Park, a beachfront shack in San Diego, or a magical Disney timeshare.  Even though my parents never went for it (at least not yet) I still had high hopes that when I grew up and had my own family, this might become a reality.  Not in my wildest dreams did I believe this would happen in Virginia, NE.  Virginia Beach, yes!  But Virginia, NE, where in the world is that?

A couple of years ago Kevin and I had the opportunity to buy land that came with an acreage, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a step closer towards his dream.  With this acreage was a cute little place we refer to as our “summer home,” although right now we are blessed that his cousins are living there all year long.  To say I was reluctant at first would be a gross understatement, but after this weekend’s trip, it’s starting to grow on me.


My baby looked at the corn in awe, smiled widely while he “drove” the tractor, and chased his cousins around the yard all afternoon.  It’s certainly not Disney World, but I have a feeling my little guy will grow up believing this is the greatest place in the world. 

And while it may never become a reality, you better believe I’m still dreaming about that beach front property…

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